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2016 ASLA Annual Meeting in New Orleans

The 2016 Annual ASLA Meeting and EXPO will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana!

We are very excited to be the host chapter and can't wait to bring you the best event in years (in probably ever if we're being completely honest)! 

Check out the full weekend schedule.

Letter from our President, Chad Danos:


As landscape architects, we create spaces that have soul. We intuitively understand the unique characteristics that reflect the cultural heritage and natural features that define a site within its context.

Landscape architects also take those characteristics and synthesize what is distinctive to underscore and amplify what makes a place special. Our designs are influenced by place, and place is influenced by design.

Rich in history as a “melting pot” of French, Spanish, Creole, African, Irish, German, and Italian heritage, New Orleans embodies a culture like no other. Known for its laissez-faire attitude (French for “Let (people) do (as they choose),” New Orleans is well known for its hospitality, food, and revelry.

This distinctive way of life takes place in a dynamic ecological zone at the intersection of the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico, offering an exceptional marriage of culture and place.

Be sure to be part of this extraordinary event. Take advantage of 120 education sessions, 15 field sessions, four workshops, and two general sessions. Explore the profession’s largest EXPO, showcasing innovation, beautiful design, and environmental responsibility. Share ideas, best practices, and some fun with your fellow professionals.

And celebrate the place and the people that are New Orleans.